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June 24th, 2016    

New Gorguts, Katatonia, and Death Angel

The crew discusses metal news and reviews the latest albums from Gorguts, Katatonia, and Death Angel!


June 1st, 2016    

Best Concept Albums

The crew talks about metal news and discusses metal's best concept albums!


May 15th, 2016    

New Fallujah, October Tide, and Haken

The crew discusses the latest metal news and reviews October Tide's Winged Waltz, Haken's Affinity, and Fallujah's Dreamless!


April 30th, 2016    

New Amon Amarth, Novembre, Moonsorrow, and Ihsahn!

The crew reviews Amon Amarth's Jomsviking, Novembre's URSA, Moonsorrow's Jumalten Aika, and Ihsahn's Arktis!


April 12th, 2016    

Lemmycast Final

The crew finishes their Lemmycast suite, discussing Lemmy's difficulties with record labels, band mates, and much, much more! 


April 1st, 2016    

Lemmycast Part 3

The crew discusses the life and legacy of Lemmy Kilmister!


April 1st, 2016    

Lemmycast Part 2

The crew discusses the life and legacy of Lemmy Kilmister!


March 17th, 2016    

Lemmycast Part 1

The crew delves into the life and legacy of Lemmy Kilmister! This episode covers his life from his times as a young boy, up until his exit from Hawkwind!


February 25th, 2016    

The Playlist

Due to technical difficulties (which will be resolved by next episode), the crew has put together a playlist of great artists from previous episodes. If you're new to the podcast, here is some of what you've missed!

The playlist: Song - Artist (Album)

Militant Hate Church – Infernal War (Axiom)

On These Deserted Plains – Amiensus (Ascension)

The Battle of Paridas – Pyramaze (Disciples of the Sun)

Gjeternes Tunge Steg – Galar (De Gjenlevende)

Dual Existence – Enshine (Singularity)

I am the Alpha and the Omega – Abyssal (Antikatastaseis)



February 10th, 2016    

New Abbath, Megadeth, and Borknagar

Featuring music from the new Borknagar album, Winter Thrice!

The crew discusses Phil Anselmo and his history of racism as well as John Petrucci's new Mesa Boogie amplifier.
Abbath's self titled album, Megadeth's Dystopia, and Borknagar's Winter Thrice are reviewed over some of Dino's home-brewed stout!

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